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Ride On

Ride On
  • Ride On
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Ride On is Ring of Kerry's first CD featuring singer and Karie Oberg and guitarist Charlie Roth. "Karie brings her beautiful voice, her magical tin whistle playing, and of course her personality to this CD. Charlie brings his songwriting abilities as well." — Paul Imholte

1. Calliope House
2. Ride On
3. Song of the Chanter
4. Uley Mill Song
5. I am a Maid that Sleeps in Love
6. Si Beagh Si Mohr
7. Ordinary Man
8. Teddy O'Neill
9. Banish Misfortune & Gravel Walk
10. Holy Mother of God
11. Waltslipreel
12. Red is the Rose

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Returning to the Shore

Returning to the Shore
  • Returning to the Shore
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"So many shores — Atlantic, Pacific, the Great Lakes, the Irish Sea, the River Liffey — now, from the banks of the Mississippi, Ring of Kerry sings of all those places the music has been." — Russell Letson

  1. Morrison's Jig
  2. Step it Out Mary
  3. Irish Angel
  4. I'll Tell Me Ma
  5. Three Jigs
  6. The Mary Ellen Carter
  7. The Rocky Road to Dublin & The Farmer's Frolic
  8. Thirteen Miles
  9. The Butterfly & Cooley's Reel
  10. Courtin' in the Kitchen
  11. One More Day
  12. The Matilda Massacre
  13. Farewell to Dublin

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St. Paddy's Eve

 Recorded Live in Concert!

"Ring of Kerry is in love with the music that the Irish and Scots took with them as they made their way from the Old World to the New. Here are tunes sweet and raucous, rough and smooth; tunes for dancing or drinking or loving or even working; songs about railroads and robbers, farms and pubs and the odd battlefield. The accents here might be mid-American, but the sentiments cross oceans and centuries with ease. This is living music, played live and lively, so raise your glasses and dance and sing along."
— Russell Letson, contributor to Guitar Magazine
St. Paddy's Eve
  • St. Paddy's Eve
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  1. Saint Ruth's Bush
  2. Kilgary Mountain (Whiskey in the Jar)
  3. Star of the County Down / Snowy Path
  4. Black Velvet Band
  5. Oh, Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?
  6. Bee's Wing Hornpipe / Haste to the Wedding
  7. Wild Mountain Thyme
  8. Irish Polkas (Finnish, Maid of Ardagh, Micky Chewing Bubblegum)
  9. Ramblin' Rover
  10. Mountains o' Mourne
  11. Paddy on the Railway / The Green Caboose
  12. Molly Malone
  13. Sailor's Hornpipe / Nova Scotia Farewell
  14. Johhny's Gone to France / Swallow Tail Jig
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