Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry is a bursting-with-energy Irish music group that captures the hearts of listeners. The group takes its name from a beautiful craggy drive in southwestern County Kerry, Ireland. Its Celtic music, however, is played with a heart much closer to its American home.

Ring of Kerry

All five of its engaging musicians sing and play several instruments. From the thunder of the bodhran to the sparkle of the hammered dulcimer; from the lilt and rhythm of fiddle and guitar to the haunting wails of the flute and pennywhistles, the band has developed a blend that is animated, ruggedly beautiful and fun. Audiences always react with great enthusiasm!

Ring of Kerry's specialty is playing highly energetic and engaging stage shows often including a troupe of fully costumed Irish dancers.


Ring of Kerry has released three CDs: 

St. Paddy's Eve

Returning to the Shore

Ride On



"So many shores — Atlantic, Pacific, the Great Lakes, the Irish Sea, the River Liffey — now, from the banks of the Mississippi, Ring of Kerry sings of all those places that  the music has been."

----Russell  Letson, contributor to Guitar Magazine---



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